United Christian Immigrants

Hello family 😃

Welcome to our group. Thank you for joining.

Kindly answer these 6 questions, it’ll take less than a minute.  You have the option to remain anonymous as well. 

Purpose of the Group: 

✨Realigning the immigrant to a life of purpose through Christ 

✨Shared experiences to help each other on the journey of being an immigrant 

✨Promoting immigrant businesses and helping non-profits in countries represented twice every year through resource donations, raising funds, etc  


Meeting times: 

First Saturdays in the Month: CST – 3pm EST- 4pm

Canada – 4pm

UK Time – 9pm

Meeting Location: 


Why the need for your email???

💥To have a group independent of Social media [we established a group earlier on one of the social media platforms, when the platform collapsed, we lost all connection with our members]

💥Ensure that you will always receive communications within the group

We promise not to spam you 



✅All Immigrants 

✅If you’re not an Immigrant but can relate to the mission of the group, you’re welcome 😊



🎯Monthly topical discussions on Clubhouse 

🎯Get connected to other immigrants worldwide 

🎯Learning from other people’s experiences 

🎯Immigrant business promotions (let us know if you have a business, we will help promote it amongst our database of immigrants worldwide ) 

🎯Giving back twice a year (organize resource distribution and funding amongst non-profits of countries represented)

🎯Be part of something larger than yourself 

Please send any questions, topics, issues, concerns or anything you’re having difficulties battling as an immigrant to: