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start small Believe Big Podcast - US

start small Believe Big Podcast with Billie Jauss encourages women to value the significance of small beginnings and believe the immeasurably more God desires to do in and through our lives.

Impact Radio - US

A discussion with Dr. Paul on some of the differences between life in Africa and in the USA. We further dived into  my upcoming book, “Decoding The In-law Code”

Africans in the Diaspora Podcast - US

A forty minute interview with the Husband and Wife team, covering my experiences as an immigrant in the US and my up coming book, Decoding The Inlaw Code.  


Twenty eight minute interview covers my personal story of transformation from a timid, shy and quiet person to a confident, outspoken and passionate person through the power of the Holy Spirit 

Parenting + Business - AUSTRALIA

Twenty minute interview on parenting plus writing books. I also spoke about upcoming books and my latest “Decoding the In-Law Code” 

Late Nights with Justdamie - NIGERIA

Twenty eight minute interview on my upcoming book, “Decoding the In-Law Code” on Late Nights with Justdamie Podcast

Gifters Podcast - USA

Eight minute interview on my upcoming book, “Decoding the In-Law Code” on Gifters Podcast by Christopher Kai