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Decoding the In-Law Code

Now Available on Amazon and all major book stores.

Decoding The Parent And Sibling In-Law Code

This book is a sequel to the DECODING THE IN-LAW CODE book (for husbands and wives). We explore the other side of the angle and share in-depth insights on how parents and siblings can become better in-laws to their children or sibling's spouses.

Decoding the Female Friendship Code

Male friendships are easy. Female friendships are hard. This is a known fact. Yet, in this book, I give practical ways to maintain your female friendships in a fun and highly relatable way. It's a must-read for all ladies.

Decoding the Young Persons Code

Why are the youth of today petty, shallow with no deep rooted systems and what can be done about it?

What are some of the forgotten values of yesterday's that need to be re-echoed in the now?

How can we instill confidence in our youth that makes them immovable to peer pressure and give them the drive and focus they need to fulfill their dreams?

This and more is the focus of this book. It's a must read for teenagers and young adults.

Decoding the American immigrants journey

This book focuses on two areas of an immigrant's life—the serious and the fun side of an immigrant.

In the severe part, we navigate systems that a newly arrived or older immigrant can use to understand their next steps, with advice from legal experts and real-life experiences.

The fun part is the cultural shocks and nostalgia of people from various continents. Captured in both a humorous and emotionally moving manner

Daddy, Please Don't Go

This is a must-read book for any man who ever thinks of leaving his wife and kids. Also a must-read for all single mothers. Coming from a line of single motherhood, from her grandmother to her mother, Hannarich is passionate about preventing children all over the world from experiencing the very drastic and well-known effects of single parenting in the lives of the remaining spouses, the children, and society at large.