• Leave a generational legacy. Your children, grandchildren, and future generations will be proud in knowing that you were part of the movement that ended the generational stereotype of in-laws.
  • Open to both singles and married individuals- whether single, courting, married, divorced, etc., as long as you are above 18 and believe in this cause, please hop on board
  • A free electronic advanced reader copy (PDF) of “Decoding the In-Law Code”  once the group becomes active in Feb 2022.
  • Membership into the private Launch Team Facebook Group. In this group, we will be sharing ideas for promotion/marketing, so if you plan to launch anything at any time in the future (book, course, etc.), you may find this beneficial.
  • A discounted paperback copy of Decoding the in-law Code” once it releases and your review is posted on Amazon and my website (
  • A special THANK YOU post on my website ( after the launch. This post will include links to your website or other social media website.
  • For participating in my launch team, if in the future you will be launching anything (book, course, etc.) and you need launch team members, you can count me in.


Your role as part of the Launch Team

  • Share the unique ways in-laws behavior is in your culture and share how relatable the book is to your particular culture
  • Help spread the word about the book any other way you feel led. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your blog, direct people to my website, etc.)
  • Interact with the rest of the launch team in the private Facebook group and share ideas for promotion/marketing for the launch.
  • If you are a blogger, please consider interviewing me or allowing me to guest post on your blog.
  • Do at least ONE social media post to help get the word out about the book. 
    • Mention it on Facebook/LinkedIn
    • Upload a photo to Instagram
    • Tweet about it with a link
  • Of course, I also won’t object to other things such as:
    • Buying copies of the book for your study group at church or your friends
    • Booking me to speak at your church

A book launch takes tons of time, effort, and planning; it is a LOT of work. I ask that you prayerfully consider being apart.

A book launch takes tons of time, effort, and planning; it is a LOT of work.

I am currently gathering worldwide membership for the group, mainly through interviews with various podcasters worldwide. You can listen to my worldwide podcast interviews HERE. The group will be officially open in Feb 2022. Kindly fill the form below, and we will notify you when we are ready to roll.

Thank you for being a part of this great movement to end the stereotypical stigmatization of in-law relations. God richly bless you