About Me

Hannarich Asiedu

Author, Speaker, Life Coach

I have a bachelor’s in English and French from the University of Ghana and have been in management positions handling corporate relations for almost a decade.
I do not consider myself to be perfect or to have achieved the highest level in life. However, I have won some victories on this journey of life. My heart breaks when I see people enduring challenges that I have already overcome. It is out of this place of brokenness and passion for helping others overcome those challenges that I write my books, blogs, speaking engagements, coaching, and others.

Raised by a single mother, I understand how challenging life can get. I donate a percentage of my earnings to fund non-profits in Ghana as part of my corporate responsibility.

Personal Stories Behind the "Decoding" Series

Decoding the In-Law Code

I grew up knowing that in-laws were evil people, and after I got married, I could easily see how that was possible. But I rose above the negative in-law stereotypes and want to help others break free and better enjoy their marriages.

Decoding the Female Friendship Code

I realize that a male company was often more straightforward and uncomplicated, whether males dealing with males or males dealing with females. But when it came to female friendships, it was a whole ballgame.

Among my female friends, I am the only thing they have in common. This means most of the friends I have are not friends; they are as different as day and night. Yet I can relate and enjoy great friendships with them all. In this book, I reveal unknown secrets needed to enhance and better female friendships, enabling us to create and enjoy the sisterhood of friendships that all ladies aspire to have.

Decoding the American Immigrant Code

Despite the many opportunities that abound for American immigrants, there are still difficulties in the system. This book is from immigrants to immigrants. It’s also a good read for non- immigrants who want to know more about their immigrant friends, colleagues, and even families.

As an American Immigrant myself, I tackle several challenging issues, including a critique on the American immigration system, ways immigrants can find their way through the system, and lighter problems like the cultural shocks from my perspective and others from the seven continents in the world.

Decoding the Young Person’s Code

I was timid as a young person with zero confidence, afraid, and a candidate for peer pressure because I always wanted to fit in. Thankfully I escaped narrowly. In this book, I show the youth how to settle comfortably as young people, thoroughly enjoy being in the youthfulness season, and thrive as a youth. Youthfulness feels long when you are in that period of life. But you realize how fast it passed you by once you step out of it. They will be equipped with the right tools needed to make lifestyle choices that will have rewards for their future, regardless of present consequences.